Pet Dentistry

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Pet Dentistry in St. Peters, MO

Pet Dentistry

Dental care began with teeth brushing but has evolved from there.

​At Arch Animal Hospital West, we believe dental care is one of the most important aspects of preventative medicine. Many pets will need to start routine dental cleanings by the age of 2-3 years old and will need complete oral health assessments/treatments every 1-2 years thereafter. Our veterinarians will examine every pet’s teeth at each visit and discuss any dental health needs with you.

When your pet comes to us for an oral health assessment/treatment, our veterinary technician team performs full mouth dental x-rays. They will also examine and chart the health of each tooth before scaling and polishing. Once the cleaning is finished, they will rinse the mouth with an oral hygiene rinse. Our veterinarians review the dental x-rays and chart the health of each tooth, and exam teeth after scaling. Any diseased teeth or concerns will be addressed with you via telephone.

Your pet will go home with before and after photos, a chart to explain all findings on oral examination, and a copy of the dental x-rays for you.